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What sets us apart from other ‘roofers’ and home improvement companies is our focus on the ‘smaller’ jobs, as a traditional roofing specialist.  So when you’re in need of experienced and reliable roof repair in Baltimore, MD, allow Harvin Roofing Contractors' 25+ years of dedicated service to relieve you of your issues. Because when it comes to home repair involving roofs, it must be done right the first time.

And with the whole assortment of issues that can compound on your roof, having the reliability and re-assurance of a professional roofing company is a must. Because repairs need to withstand the heat, the rain, the sun, the weight of snow – year round. It can’t fail, where the problems persist, and you are dealing with the same issues repeatedly. And that’s why our company is focused solely on roofs, as Baltimore’s roofing specialist.

So, when it comes to missing shingles, shingle repair, sagging roof repair, slate roof repair, tile roofing replacement, allow us to professionally handle your repair needs. And if you are dealing with any roof wood rot, which can potentially create a bigger problem, make sure to call for our professional services. Because we cannot stress this enough, but if wood rot is not dealt with properly, it can (sometimes) create larger problems than roof tile replacement.

And as Baltimore’s full service roofing company, we also handle the many issues of commercial roofing repair, as well. With the different types of roofing materials on commercial properties, allow a professional deal with your issues.

So call us today, and let us come in from a free inspection. Because most problems are minor, but they must be handled correctly. So, call us today.

We’ll thoroughly look at your issues and discuss problems and solutions.

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