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Not all roofing issues require complete roofing installs. And even though many home improvement companies will only ‘re-roof’ your home, as a traditional roofing contractor, focused solely on roofs, when it comes to roof maintenance in Baltimore, MD, contact Harvin Roofing Contractors to fix your immediate issues.

Because your roof simply takes a pounding with the four seasons. The weight of snow, the pounding of the sun, the wind, the rain, all of it takes its toll! And that’s why, as a true, traditional roofing contractor, we also focus on roof maintenance. Think of us as your roofing handyman to take care of the many issues that can arise with your roof.

When it comes to roof home maintenance, many of the problems involve gutter maintenance, roof leak repair, and shingle replacement. So we’ll provide a free roof evaluation, to get to the root of your problems.  And we will also offer and provide any roofing preventative maintenance, as well. To ensure that any potential problems and issues are thwarted, to keep your mind at ease.

And also, as commercial roofers, we provide the same roofing maintenance and preventative solutions, too. So call us today for a free roof evaluation. And we’ll provide you with expertise to discuss and solve any and all of your roofing issues.

With our many years of commitment, allow our experienced, reliable home repair team to resolve your issues.

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